The Culprits are an indie folk and rock group from the mountaintop town of Sewanee, down the road from Nashville, TN. The band is composed of brothers Nick and Will Evans and Zach Blount. Drawing from a childhood spent in the woods and stealing records from dad, together the band's latest EP, While the Woods Snooze, has an energetic and youthful sound, blending folk and Americana styles with introspective lyrics that echo the age-old theme of growing up. It is a distinct, but instantly familiar take on a classic indie rock/folk flavor that has been described as "fresh" and "a seamless integration of so many styles."


The Culprits’ musical escapades began in high school when Nick and Will, coming from a musical family, began to dabble around with a borrowed drum set and electric guitar. Zach was invited over and after starting out on rhythm guitar he eventually stole his dad’s bass and the band was formed. The band cites The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and R.E.M. among others as major influences.


In 2008 The Culprits traveled to Plymouth, Pennsylvania to record their first self-titled EP.


The band's second EP, Around Around, hit iTunes in late 2010 and was recorded in Sewanee’s own St. Luke’s Chapel. The Culprits began work on the EP in 2009, and the recordings definitely reflect a more polished sound. “She Loves The Beat” found The Culprits in second place in the Road to Roo Contest, a nationwide competition that consisted of over 1000 bands hosted by the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival.


After a summer of playing local venues and festivals the band traveled to Athens, Georgia to begin work with Grammy nominated producer John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic) on their first LP, Alive Enough. Separated geographically for a large portion of the writing and production process, the record was recorded between two continents and three states. Alive Enough was released in January 2013 and promoted by a solo tour (Nick) in the UK and gigs in Germany.


In December 2013, the band met up again after time spent apart in their home studio. These sessions produced the While the Woods Snooze - EP (2014). The two tracks, "Dead in the Water" (with Zach on vocals) and "One Stop" (written by Will), mark a noticeable departure from the driving drums and pop infused guitar layering of their discography to date.


The Culprits thank all those who have inspired, supported, and listened over the past years!